उप संचालक भूमि अभिलेख सलग्न जमाबंदी आयुक्त (सर्वसाधारण)

उपसंचालक भूमि अभिलेख संलग्न जमाबंदी आयुक्त (सर्वसाधारण) पुणे

Deputy Director of Land Records Enclosed Settlement Commissioner (General) Pune                                


Name: Shri Kailash Vishnu Jadhav - 

Date of birth


Educational Qualifications


Date of service


Year of joining Indian Administrative Service 

Since 1992

Telephone number 

Office: - 020-26050008 / 020-26050006

Mail ID


Reciuitment posts: -

  •  From 14/8/1992, Superintendent of Police - Administrative Officer (KV), Food and Drug Administration, State, Thane.
  •  From 30/3/1994, Savikdhini Deputy Collector, Dhule - Collector Dhule
  •  District Supply Officer, Jalgaon - Resident Deputy Collector, Jalgaon from 14/5/1996 .
  •  From 11/1/2000 sub-divisional officer, Niphad    - Collector Office, Nashik.
  •  From 6/6/2001 Resident Deputy Collector, Nashik - Collector Office, Nashik
  •  Since 02/02/2009, Additional Collector, Thane District, Jawhar - Resident Deputy Collector, Thane.
  •  From 10/3/2014, Deputy Commissioner (Rehabilitation) - Commissioner of Konkan Division 
  •  From 18/3/2015, Additional Collector, and Additional Commissioner, Konkan Division - Commissioner, Konkan Division
  •  From 14/7/2016, Chairman, Caste Certificate Verification Committee, Latur - Assistant Commissioner (Administration), Social Welfare Commissioner, State, Pune-1

From 28/4/2017 

Deputy Director of Land Records attached Settlement Commissioner (General) Pune